Noel’s Introduction

Hello Everybody! My name is Noel and I work as a reference librarian. I want to show everyone how to access movies and TV shows from home using the online services that the library provides.

The two main programs are Kanopy and Hoopla. Please check out our ‘How-to Guides’ for instructions on signing in and downloading apps to your phone or TV!  

Check out the posts with the #filmfanatics for further information, movie reviews and facts.  

Some info about how I watch movies: I love Kanopy and have been using it for years, so please feel free to send any questions my way to I enjoy documentaries and film and try to push myself to watch new subjects and genres as much as possible. I love strong female characters and story lines, and try to promote women behind the camera as well. I also tend to fall for rich, literary-based drama and witty writing — and I have never met a splitscreen moment I didn’t love (or at least really appreciate).  

I am also a Wizard of Oz fan and scholar, and will watch any movie musical (except maybe the new Cats film).

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