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Robert's Introduction

Greetings, patrons! My name is Robert, one of your local adult reference librarians. I will be posting regularly to provide useful and/or interesting information related to genealogy and history. We have available resources located on the Library’s website to help in your research. You can find a host of databases for genealogical research including, but not limited to:

These can be found under the RESEARCH tab under the heading of GENEALOGY. So start browsing through our sites. I will begin to explore other resources, tips, and techniques with you in the coming weeks.

I also love history, and received accreditation for the study of history. I have extensive experience researching my own family history (which I will eventually share as examples) so please do not hesitate to reach out to me at if you would like any assistance in your genealogy endeavors. Let’s learn about where we came from together!

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