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Hi, I’m Paula, head of the Adult Services Department. I’ve worked at the library since we had real card catalogs instead of OPACs, and paper indexes instead of online databases, so you know I’ve seen a lot of changes at the library! That’s why I think this is the best time to be here – where almost everything available in our physical building is available online. There are plenty of things to read, watch, listen to, and do on our library’s website.

            I’m the librarian who orders our fiction and large print book collections. This is a challenging assignment but one that I enjoy immensely. From best sellers, to mysteries and thrillers, romances, and more – there’s a novel to suit each and every person’s taste. But if you can’t get a paper copy of the fiction or non-fiction book you want to read, you can download an eBook or audio book instead. A wide selection of these are available online on our website under the Digital tab. And did you know we also have a variety of bibliographies under the For Readers tab? Library staff are happy to recommend titles for you to consider reading or listening to, so feel free to contact us for some some suggestions. In addition to fiction, I’m also interested in several non-fiction topics and will discuss some of these from time to time on the blog. Thanks for joining us!

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