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Music Online from Hoopla . . . at the Library!

Hello music lovers! My name is Peter and I’m the Audio Video Adult Services Librarian here at the Library, responsible for ordering DVDs, music, and audiobooks, among other things. One thing I cannot live without, especially in these uncertain times, is music. I wanted to direct everyone’s attention to an excellent source for much of the latest music and any other type of music imaginable, available online right now by clicking on the digital services hyperlink on our homepage.

Hoopla will be one of a number of digital content sources that will appear on the next page, and happens to offer the most varied and up-to-date music of all the others!

To sign up for an account, you will need to enter the email and password connected to your library card, select your home library of Lindenhurst from a drop-down list, and enter your library card barcode. Click here for your library account. If your card has expired, you may click here for a temporary Library card while the Library is closed. For any other issues that arise, please email the Library at for help.

When you click on Hoopla, hover over the “browse” link and click on “music”. You will be able to choose a number of ways to browse what’s available, or search for something specifically by artist, title or music genre. You may choose complete albums or individual songs. There are no waitlists or late fees, and you may start streaming immediately or download to a computer, smartphone or tablet for listening later on. Up to 10 titles may be borrowed each month, and will be automatically returned when the loan period ends after 7 days.

So give Hoopla a try. Spend some time browsing the awesome selection and enjoy!

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Great blog Peter!


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