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How-to Guide: Kanopy

Some Kanopy Fast Facts

  • Kanopy’s website is:
  • The library gives you 10 Play Credits per month
  • Kanopy Kids and Great Courses titles have unlimited plays
  • Kanopy can be downloaded as an app to your smart phone, or WiFi-enabled TV
  • Kanopy can create clips of videos and playlists that can be shared with friends, family, or students
  • Kanopy is constantly adding new titles and takes suggestions from librarians and patrons!

A play credit is used when a video is played for 15 seconds or more Once used, the video is watchable for 72 hours. Play credits are reset at midnight on the first of the month

How to use it?- Check out some of the links below to see Kanopy’s how-to guides

Please check out the #filmfanatics to find reviews of movies and documentaries available on Kanopy that are selected by your librarians! Also feel free to comment and ask for tailored suggestions or anything film-related that you may need.

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