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Travel . . . to Istanbul

     As the Coronavirus continues to skyrocket across our country, the human need to “escape” is ever present.  Since we cannot travel away from home at this time, for me,  the next best option is to watch  a travel documentary or a movie set in a foreign locale.  Through the Library’s streaming sites, Kanopy and Hoopla, it is easy to access and view many such movies and documentaries.  Your “price of admission” is your Lindenhurst Memorial Library library card!  Simply go to the Library’s website, click on the word Digital and then scroll down to either Kanopy or  Hoopla to enter your library card barcode and password.  Then … choose your adventure!

     For example … today I just finished watching the documentary, “Kedi – The Cats of an Ancient City.”  This is the story of hundreds of thousands of cats freely roaming the metropolis of Istanbul.  Apparently, these cats have become an essential part of the communities that comprise the city.  The documentary contained some very nice views of Turkey along with a good insight into their people.  I was planning to travel to Istanbul before the pandemic changed our lives … so in this way, I was able to “travel” there and feel like a tourist.

     There are many other movies and documentaries loaded on to both Kanopy and Hoopla.  And no need for a passport for this type of travel.  So, check out the content on our website and enjoy!

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