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Hello again to all the budding genealogists out there. This week I thought I would introduce you to some resources and entertainment about genealogy that you can access on YouTube. YouTube is a great website for a variety of things to learn about or to entertain yourself.

The library is beginning to post regular content on our YouTube channel found here. I will be adding genealogy-related content and will be sure to mention anything I post in following blogs.

Some content to explore, in the meantime, includes clips and episodes of television shows that have celebrities learning about their ancestry as well as channels dedicated to teaching viewers about genealogical research.

Popular shows to search for on YouTube and the internet include:
Who Do You Think You Are
Finding Your Roots
Genealogy Roadshow

These shows can be entertaining and informative, but don’t be fooled thinking your research will go as smoothly as it appears on there. There can be unrealistic expectations thinking you can walk into a library or read a few posts and be able to trace your family back generations in one sitting. It takes a lot of time, work, and patience to research your family tree.

You can find other content on YouTube for help and information on different aspects of genealogical research. Some even involve the databases that you as a patron have exclusive access to as well as others that I have mentioned in previous posts. We will explore these databases together, looking at the ins and outs of navigation (video demonstrations will be forthcoming).

In the meantime, you can view these prolific YouTube channels that cover a lot of material:
Lisa Louise Cooke’s Genealogy Gems
Family History Fanatics
Genealogy TV

These resources can propel you into your research at whatever pace you feel comfortable with.

That’s what I have to share this week, but be sure to tune in for future posts continuing our journey together, as well as video content where we delve into the available databases.

Any personal questions, comments, or requests for assistance can be made to me by email:

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