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Wondering what to read next? Try NoveList Plus, the online reader’s advisory. Contrary to its name, NoveList Plus evaluates non-fiction as well as fiction titles. You can access it from our library’s web page; look under the heading Research, then click on NoveList Plus will be on page 4 of Database Information. You will be asked to enter your library bar code and password to get into it.

Once you are on their homepage, you will see a wide variety of choices. Fiction is broken down into the various genres: graphical novels, historical fiction, romance, science fiction, thrillers, and more. Clicking on any one of these genres leads you to a further division of subheadings. For example, historical fiction breaks down into Biblical Fiction, Eyewitness to History, and others. Continuing to one of the sub-genres, for example, Eyewitness to History, leads you to a collection of book jackets. Click on one, i.e. Before We Were Yours, and you are given the book’s summary, reviews, and other information.

Non-fiction covers topics such as biography, nature and science, history, travel, and true crime. It follows the same format as the fiction selections.

You also are able to do an advanced search to narrow in on that perfect book.

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