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Tiger King: A Quarantine Phenomenon

If you’ve had some extra time on your hands lately, and use social media, you probably have heard about Tiger King. According to Netflix, Tiger King is a documentary about “an exploration of big cat breeding and its bizarre underworld, populated by eccentric characters,”

It’s really a roller coaster docudrama that follows very eccentric “zookeepers” of exotic animals in the USA. All of these self-proclaimed zookeepers know each other, and personal drama ensues. The documentary discusses a myriad of topics such as:

  • endangered animals
  • murder
  • politics / running for office
  • polyamorous relationships
  • entrepreneurship
  • animal rights vs. human rights
  • And my favorite… feeding tigers expired Walmart baloney.

If you have access to Netflix, this is a MUST watch during the quarantine. Not only will you be in the loop, but you will also find out who Carole Baskin is and why everything is her fault. If you are curious about tigers, their captivity and how they actually live in the wild, please take a look at this book recommendation list!

Carole Baskin, featured in Tiger King on Netflix


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