Traveling Close to Home

     The change came just like lightning!  Just a few weeks ago, before the Coronavirus threat became real, I was weighing my plans for a trip to South Africa. Then, it seemed that after a quick series of events, I found my options closing in around me.  Now I’m forced, like everyone else, to go into a period of “social distancing.”  Totally necessary to beat this pandemic!

      But when the plans for my trip fell through, I still felt very frustrated and disappointed … because I love to travel.  So, I called my daughter and we made some plans for the weekend.  On Saturday, I jumped into my car and headed to Jones Beach.  Sitting on separate blankets … a few feet apart from each other … my daughter and my grandchildren enjoyed a nice lunch while enjoying the sparkling ocean and warm sandy beach.  

       A few hours later, I was back at home in my living room … looking at some of my many albums of vacation photos and remembering some terrific trips abroad.  For now, I’ll “travel” in my armchair … because for a longtime traveler,  the memories are almost as rich as the experiences themselves!

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