Holiday Traditions

It is hard to believe that Passover and Easter are upon us. For me and most of the world, the primary focus has been the incurring pandemic, increased precautions for social isolation, and keeping me, my family and my pets healthy.

Things will definitely be different this year, but celebrating and keeping traditions is possibly even more important now than ever before. Bringing the comforts of the familiar could help to ease the stress and anxiety in this time of crisis. So, with that in mind, I decided to plan my holiday dinner as usual, scaling it down to accommodate only my immediate family and adding a few tweaks here and there.

One typical holiday menu item that I know I will be able to make is popovers. The beauty of this recipe is that you can add a bit of sugar for a sweet touch, pair it with jam and strawberry butter for breakfast or the savory variety for dinner and add cheese and herbs as you wish. Popovers are super easy to make and only have a few staple ingredients; eggs, milk, flour and butter. The rest is really up to you. Try my recipe or check out our catalog for some more great ideas!


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