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Documentary Review: Obit

  • Obit.  
  • Directed By: Vanessa Gould 
  • Released: 2016 
  • Available On: Kanopy (                                                                                            

This documentary follows the Obituary Desk of the New York Times, a concept that may seem morbid at first, but is shown to be an incredible celebration of life, immortalized with beautiful writing and a devotion to recording history. Directed by Vanessa Gould in 2016, this documentary is wonderful for those seeking stories, fascinating glimpses into history, and impressive research skills — plus a lot of coffee drinking. From the person who rowed across an ocean alone to the man who helped JFK become President of the United States, there is an endless amount of entertaining knowledge presented with wit and admiration. Come for the intriguing concept and stunning stories, stay for the unexpected humor and light that fills this documentary from beginning to end.  

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