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Kombucha Who?

Kombucha is a fermented sweet tea created with a symbiotic culture of bacteria and yeast that is referred to as a scoby. Kombucha can be made with a variety of teas and ingredients to create different flavors. It is primarily consumed for health benefits similar to yogurt due to its source of probiotics. Kombucha is available in most grocery stores and can be brewed at home as well! Check out the following resources to learn how you can make your own Kombucha

Ebooks: The library has several ebooks with guides, recipes and instructions on brewing from home

Kanopy offers a Great Course episode on the Gut Microbiome which you can watch without using a monthly play credit. It offers information on the impact of kombucha and other fermented foods

For more information on what a scoby is, how it is created and what role it plays in the process of brewing kombucha, check out a few of the websites below (note: external websites included in this post are independent of the Library and will take you to an outside source)

Kombucha is not a drink that everyone loves and is not a mystical healing drink from ancient times. However, if you love the taste, want to experiment with brewing and fermentation from home or just want to try something new- Kombucha can be a fun and interesting adventure!

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