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Get Walking

Do you spend more time sitting than ever before, trying to keep your distance from others and completing work assignments via computer? Has your exercise routine been turned upside down by the mandatory closing of all gym and sports facilities?  Do you find yourself eating more high calorie comfort foods and less vitamin enriched foods and produce?  Don’t worry, you are not alone. Whether you’re a gym rat, exercise fanatic or not, Covid-19 had created a significant lifestyle change for all of us. It is now up to us to develop positive habits to remain healthy both mentally and physically during and after this crisis.  

One step in the right direction is to take up walking – no pun intended!  I have noticed that many people have adopted that same notion. Get out and walk.  I haven’t seen so many neighbors enjoying the outdoors and walking in the neighborhood in years – from a distance of course. I’m not sure if you’re one of those people or need some encouragement but there is a lot of information out there to help you get started. You may want to browse through some of the books on my reading list “walking for exercise.”

If you want to expand outside of your neighborhood walking radius, you can head to one of the state, county or town parks.  Here are some websites that you can investigate to plan your next trek. Make sure to check for Covid-19 updates as this information changes frequently.

Have fun and stay healthy!

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