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Joys of RV’ing!

The impact of COVID-19 on the tourism and travel industry is huge!  Suddenly, the idea of crowded airports and airplanes makes vacations seem less appealing and more dangerous.  Many people are wary of going to hotels and resorts where they will be packed in tightly with strangers. After spending months cooped up at home, many people are looking to book or rebook those much-needed vacations.  And with summer almost here, tourist destinations nationwide are also beginning to consider how to deal with hordes of vacationers. So, do you want to know one of the best ways to travel as a family in the post-COVID world?  Welcome to what could be the Year of the Recreational Vehicle … the RV!                        RV class types, explained: A guide to every category of camper ...

Experts predict that most families will probably want to start traveling with short domestic trips, possibly in the family car or van. In subsequent trips, they may feel comfortable to upgrade to using a camper or an RV.  And in this time of Pandemic, there are so many advantages to travel with your family in a van or RV, rather than by mass transportation:

If you travel in an RV, it is very easy to stay isolated from other people and from many unhealthy situations on the road.  In other words, it is more possible to avoid germs and viruses as you travel, eat and sleep in your own vehicle.  You also have the flexibility to go wherever and whenever you want, and to change your itinerary at a moment’s notice.

Traveling in an RV promotes family bonding, wonderful memories and is often cheaper than staying in hotels. Plus, some of the larger RVs that you can rent have kitchens where you can cook your own healthy meals and therefore save money on food.  It is also a time where you can “unplug,” as you relax by looking out the windows and watching the landscape go by.  In today’s world, we are forever looking at a screen, whether it be a phone, tablet or TV.  How relaxing is it to give that up!  One advantage to this type of travel is having the opportunity to enjoy so many educational experiences, ie:  nature, museums, and National Parks. Another — one of my favorite reasons to travel this way — No suitcases!    What a convenience!  Can you imagine taking a trip where you don’t have to worry about luggage, and are able to take all the conveniences of home with you, including the dog?

So, my recommendation for you is to give this type of travel a try!  Start small with short trips and small vehicles, then upgrade according to your comfort level.  And how do I know so much about the joys of RV travel?  Why I’ve been RV’ing with my family for years!

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Sara Fiorenzo

I loved this! I didn’t know you were an RV traveler. This seems like such a great idea, but only if the family gets along. lol


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