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“Beauty” by Lauren Conrad

Beauty by Lauren Conrad

Coffee table books are so beautiful… but so heavy!! I have to admit, sometimes I second guess myself before I checkout and take one home. However this book by Lauren Conrad, really surprised me. Not only is the photography beautiful but the advice in the book is very helpful and easy to follow.

The tips and tricks are great, simple, affordable. Conrad gives off an effortless classic style. This non-fiction book is great for teens, and new adults. It’s also great for those who enjoy watching the beauty gurus on YouTube, because she shows her “signature” makeup looks with tutorials.


Style by Lauren Conrad

During quarantine some of us have had to stay home or work from home for months. Did you happen to clean out your closet? Sometimes I am ashamed that I purchased an item of clothing, but never bothered to wear it.

The Curated Closet by Anuschka Rees

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