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Visit the For Readers section of the Lindenhurst Memorial Library web page for ideas on what to read next.

The first section, Recommended Reads, links you to a compilation of annotated bibliographies, curated by our adult reference librarians. The bibliographies first are grouped as fiction and non-fiction. Clicking on fiction leads you to a list of genres — general fiction, historical fiction, horror, mysteries, romance, science fiction/fantasy, and thrillers/suspense. Clicking on each genre in turn leads you to a selection of bibliographies.

Non-fiction bibliographies are divided by subject — biography and memoir, cookbooks, crafts, health, history, nature and science, self-help and spirituality, sports, society and culture, television/theater/film, travel, true crime, and other.

Books listed in the bibliographies are print and/or e-books and e-audio books. Clicking on each title brings you to its location in the online catalog, allowing you to check on its availability. We always are adding to our bibliography collection.

If you would like a librarian to help you choose some books to read, go to the Librarian Specials section. There, you can complete a form that allows us to compile a list of books based upon your reading interests, or you can request specific titles and/or authors. We can set aside selected books for you to pick up or, if not available, we can place holds for them and notify you when they become available.

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