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Four score and forever ago, we used to rely on family recipes handed down through generations and cookbooks with dog-eared pages signifying the recipes we wanted to remember. We tore out pages from our ladies’ journals and put them in binders, scribbled notes with what to add, eliminate or change and kept them in a secure place to refer to again and again.

Then came the Internet. Google a recipe and voila … there it is! You haven’t thrown away the recipe archive and still cherish the cookbook collection but if you’re like me, sometimes you jump on the Internet because it’s quicker, you have your computer handy and you don’t feel like thumbing through all those collected recipes.

Although finding a recipe is quick and easy with the technology of the Internet, it doesn’t mean the recipe’s a keeper. Reading the reviews are always helpful … as long as the reviewer doesn’t give it a full five stars only to find that they’ve changed most of the ingredients – my pet peeve!

Through my Internet culinary searching experience, I’ve found some websites that so far have worked for me every time, and since I am always cooking or baking, those are some good stats! Try them.

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