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Film Review: Mrs. Dalloway and The Hours

Review: Kanopy just added the 1998 version of Mrs. Dalloway starring Vanessa Redgrave. This version of the classic novel is regarded as a film that captures the spirit of Woolf’s simple yet multifaceted story of a woman trying to throw a party. Meanwhile, The Hours approaches Woolf’s work from the perspective of the writer (played by Nicole Kidman) the reader (played by Julianne Moore) and the present version of Clarissa Dalloway (played by Meryl Streep). Watching these two films together creates a full and fantastic examination of the novel and plays into the different interpretations that Woolf allows to be layered in. It creates a powerful sense of ownership and thought for the viewer that is truly delicious.

The Hours has a shockingly beautiful score, you can listen to the soundtrack on Hoopla!

Need more Virginia Woolf or interested in the books the films were based on? Click on the book covers below or select this link for our Virginia Woolf collection!

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