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Spooky Halloween Garland Craft

Looking for a fun, family friendly, craft to do for Halloween? Why not try Pinterest? There are so many creative ideas to pin and share. Pinterest is a website that lets users make theme based virtual photo albums called boards. You can pin original ideas and photos you created yourself or search for new ones. If you you find something interesting, you can copy it and “pin” it to your board. Many of these pins have links with tutorials for crafts, recipes, decorating; anything to inspire.

I found this spooky pom-pom Halloween garland craft on Pinterest. Here is a list of supplies you will need to make a pumpkin and spider pom-pom and a ghost tassel.

To make a pom pom, you need to wrap the yarn around the template about 150 times, tie it tight and then trim it until it forms a round pom-pom. Watch my Youtube video to see how it is done. Display your Halloween critters or hang them to form a spooky garland. Have fun!

Happy Halloween!

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