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Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween! Looking for great movies, books and more to celebrate Spooky Season? The library has tons of options to find the scary, sweet, classic and contemporary! Check out some of our resources below to get started.


Curious about the history behind Halloween? Try some of the books below from our collection! Simply click on the book covers below to learn more.

For more Halloween history, check out this article from the Library of Congress, click this link to start reading!


Kanopy has both classic and contemporary films to get into the scary spirit. You can find their 31 Days of Horror collection here! Titles range from new movies like Hereditrary and Midsommar to House on Haunted Hill and Night of the Living Dead!


Hoopla also has great films such as Halloween, Baby Yaga and The Puppet Masters. You can browse their collection of horror films with this link!


Need more? Hoopla also has audiobooks for a new way to experience horror! Browse the full collection here, or click on any of the covers below to get started!

Treats and Crafts

And of course if you want to get into the Halloween spirit with baking or crafting, find some great books here! Click on the book covers below or do a quick search in our catalog here.

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