Program Preview: Post-Election Politics

Greetings Lindenhurst Memorial Library patrons! This is Robert, one of your adult services librarians giving you a heads up about an upcoming virtual program I am running through Zoom. The title of the program is “Post-Election Politics: Who Represents You?”

On Tuesday November 17th at 7:00 PM, I will be hosting a civic-minded seminar about the different layers of government involved in our lives. I will be identifying currently serving elected officials as well as ones that were newly elected from the village to the national government who represent the residents of Lindenhurst. It is important to note that not everyone in Lindenhurst has the same representatives due to split or gerrymandered districts in our state that don’t always neatly divide.

I will give an general overview of what responsibilities and duties these different layers of government and representatives have to you as a citizen with some simple examples and questions the average person may ask themselves. In turn I will open the floor for anyone that may have their own questions at the end of my presentation and will refer you the most accurate information I have.

I am going to provide a comprehensive contact list of every elected official for Lindenhurst residents seperately as an attachment alongside the program invitation. This will include a mix of phone numbers, addresses, and e-mail addresses offered by the offices of the identified elected officials as well as links to websites with plenty of information.

Registration closes on Monday November 16th at 6:00 PM. All registrants will receive an e-mail witha link and instructions on how to attend the virtual program after registration closes. I hope that this kind of civic engagement encourages everyone to look into who their representatives in government are and gives them the ability and access they need to address their problems and questions.

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