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We Should Talk About: Emily Dickinson

Emily Dickinson is considered one of the greatest American poets. Born in Amherst in 1830, Emily was educated at the Amherst Academy and found fascination with a variety of subject such as science and botanical studies. As a writer she rejected convention in her work as well as her own life, and is considered to be a force in poetry, despite being portrayed as less of a force in history. For more information on her upbringing and life, click this link.

For those interested in delving into the poetry of Emily Dickinson, Hoopla has a great collection of study guides, collections and more! To browse, click here. Or click on any of the book covers below.

There is an image of Emily Dickinson as a recluse spinster who never loved and did not have anything relating to a sense of humor or even a sense of life outside of her poetry. Writer and Director Madeleine Olnek rejected this idea and created a film based on the letters of Emily Dickinson that were recovered from various alterations and erasures. This film, Wild Nights with Emily, is available via Kanopy with a library card, simply click on this link! You can also watch the trailer below. Interested in the letters of Emily Dickinson? You can find the complete digital archive here!

Interested in reading more Emily Dickinson? Check out our collection for her works as well as fictional stories around her life. Click on any of the book covers below, or click this link for the full collection.

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