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Sustainable Living: Gift Wrapping

Wrapping paper is a billion-dollar industry, resulting in millions of tons of waste that ends up in landfills each year, approximately 2.3 million pounds. ​Even if you recycle your wrapping paper, it may be rejected depending on your local municipality, and the amount of excess materials such as glitter. 

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A common way to test if you can recycle paper is called the ‘Scrunch Test’. If you can scrunch the paper into a ball, and the paper stays in place then it can typically be recycled. Learn more here​.

However, most paper is lined with plastic, has glitter or other additions and will end up in landfills, so finding alternatives is essential!

Alternatives are a wonderful way to be creative, sustainable and personal when wrapping presents.

The ultimate way to be sustainable when giving presents is to not use something that has limited use. Most wrapping paper is simply there to be torn off a present and then thrown away. ​Using recycled items as wrapping paper helps to extend their use, but it is still an action with minimal purpose and continuity. ​Using materials that can be repurposed such as baskets, flowerpots, artwork, fabric, etc. is a great way to push purpose beyond disguising a gift! 

For more resources on recycling, check out the books below! To find them in our collection, simply click on the cover. Or browse with this link.

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