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The Later years of the Old Train Depot

By the late 1920’s, when J. V. Osborne took this photo facing West, fencing separates the tracks.
A close-up of the above photo reveals that the bay window has been removed from the front of the station house.
Another close-up reveals the cloche hats of the waiting ladies, a direct clue as to the era of the photo.

A postcard from a few years later shows the hand operated crossing gates on Wellwood Avenue facing East.

By the 1940’s, the station house had been moved East and the freight house was moved West. They were joined and placed on a concrete foundation. The entrance was also changed from the front of the building to the West wall.
A nighttime view shows the new entrance on the West wall.
A 1958 photo by Robert Emery looking East shows the freight house now attached to the station house.
A 1966 photo by David Keller looking West.
Another photo by Keller from the following year. The still extant old bank building can be glimpsed beyond the freight house.
An warly 1968 photo taken by Art Huneke from a sitting train looking East with the freight house in the foreground.
Looking West during the last active days of the old train depot.
A close-up of the station house from one of the rare color photos taken during its years of operation.
Looking East in January, 1968, work has just begun on the temporary station facilities for elevation.
Looking across the tracks, we see the old covered wooden waiting shed is still there.
On October 25, 1968, the Metropolitan Transit Authority (MTA) thrned over the keys of the old depot to the then president of the Lindenhurst Historical Society when temporary tracks were being laid for regular railroad use. This is one of the last photos of the station house on its original site, pending removal to its new home.

Next time: The Old Depot Station House goes on the move to a new home.

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