Book Review: We Are Watching Eliza Bright

  • We Are Watching Eliza Bright
  • Written By: A.E. Osworth
  • Book, Playaway, Libby (eBook and Audiobook)
  • Feature Image found on Autostraddle

Review: This book is simply unlike anything I have ever read. Eliza Bright is a coder who takes a stand against the sexism within the gaming industry by telling a journalist her negative experiences. Then, Eliza is targeted by the gaming community, threatened and stalked as they monitor her every move online and across New York City. However, the reader does not get the luxury of experiencing this story from Eliza’s perspective. This book is transformed by the second person narration, sucking the reader into the group mind of angry gamers, and cloaking them in a mindset that propels the narrative forward. The connection to Eliza and the need to know what happens practically glues the book to your hand until the pages run out. This book is a different read, but an expansive and thought provoking one that is more than worth your time.

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