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We Should Talk About: Nella Larsen

*Feature Image found on Lapham’s Quarterly

Nella Larsen is a force beyond measure. With her novels and short stories, written with clear, complex and powerful prose, Larsen forced readers to reevaluate their understanding and relationship to race, gender and class. The lack of knowledge about her work and her life is tragic, however, with recent projects and writings, her voice has been lifted to the position it has always deserved.

If you are interested in learning more about the life of Nella Larsen you can read In Search of Nella Larsen by George Hutchinson.

For the first time, Larsen’s novella Passing is being adapted for film! Learn more about the production and the story behind Director Rebecca Hall’s connection to the work here, or watch the trailer below.

Ready to read the works of Nella Larsen? You can browse the full collection, check out materials on Hoopla, or click on any of the book covers below.

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