Book Review: Cultish-The Language of Fanaticism

Review: Amanda Montell is someone who knows and respects language more than most. Her perspective as a linguist allows for a definition of the twists, turns and thought terminating clichés that permeate our verbal landscape. Cultish teaches the reader ways to define cults, focusing on how language is the main source of life and power from the inside out. Montell manages to both tackle the difficult tragedies created by infamous regimes such as Heaven’s Gate, and tease out the realities of the lesser cults that exist all around us. This book is sure to keep you engaged and will transform the way you think of the power of language.

Interested in more work by Amanda Montell? Check out her first book Wordslut in our collection or on Hoopla!

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I’m listening to Cultish now on Libby, and find it very interesting!


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