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Start A Garden With Your Library Card!

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If you’re planning on starting a garden this spring, stop by the library beginning March 15, where once again there will be seed bundles to grow herbs and vegetables, as well as special Bee-way Builders!

In addition to the seeds, the library has many resources and important information in our Sustainability and Gardening collections where you can learn about what to plant, local growing seasons, controlling weeds without chemicals and much more. Once you learn how to sow and save your seeds from your harvest, you can share with the library and others.    

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Upcoming Programs

Check out some of the great upcoming programs the library has for gardening and sustainability! Click on any of the buttons below to register online.

What is a Climate Victory Garden?

It’s very important to be an environmentally-conscious gardener, and to adopt gardening practices that protect the soil—this is where we’re storing carbon—while minimizing climate impacts beyond the boundaries of your garden. For example, when you skip store-bought synthetic chemicals, you’re protecting the life in your soil and its ability to capture carbon, as well as avoiding the emissions associated with the production and transportation of these products.  

Gardening can take on another form if space is a problem. Think about container gardening. A remarkable range of seeds can be grown in containers. Herbs for example, can even sit on your kitchen window sill. Whether you are a garden novice or already a seasoned gardener, there’s something for everyone!

Tip of the Month: When doing your yard spring cleaning, try a different approach and be conscious of the life cycles of animals (from insects on up). See why some shrubs and plants shouldn’t be cut back. Look for seeds that should be taken and saved, and then returned back to the spot after clean-up has been completed. Nature will thank you for it.  

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