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Happy Earth Day!

blue and gray moon during nighttime

Earth Day has been a recognized event since 1970. The theme of Earth Day 2022 is “Invest in Our Planet“. You can learn more about the impact of Earth Day, as well as ways to celebrate the Earth every day with this website! Or watch the changes that have occurred since 1970 from the American Museum of Natural History, in the video below.

Celebrate by checking out a book from the library’s sustainable collection! Browse here or click on the titles below.

Or check out new climate based fiction to learn about the impact of sustainability and humanity through powerful stories. Learn more here or click on any of the covers below.

Kanopy also has a wonderful film collection for Earth Day to learn about everything from bees (Honeyland) to whales (The Loneliest Whale ). Browse the full collection here!

At the library we celebrate Earth Day every day! Take a look at some of our sustainable resources with this link. You can also learn more about programs and services like our Seed Library with our sustainability blog posts.

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