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The Second Schoolhouse in Lindenhurst

After a few years, the student population increased and outgrew the old depot schoolhouse. In 1876, the community erected a new four-room schoolhouse on School Street just south of the original school.

The student body of 1886

By 1890, class was guided by Principal George Zoellner (far right):

In 1895, Mr. Zoellner was still in charge, as seen below:

In 1899, the building was enlarged with a 22-by-35 foot extension, seen below:

In the below photo, the school bell tower can be seen on the left side of School Street in the center of the photo, with St. John’s Lutheran church on West John Street visible on the right.

Pictured below is the 1907 classroom of Reinhold Mertching, who taught English language lessons in the grammar department. He also served as the school’s principal with an annual salary of $750.

The student body in the last years of the schoolhouse, with Principle Mertching on the far right of the rear row.

This quaint wooden school educated local students from 1876 to 1910. The old schoolhouse was then moved west to North Fourth Street and repurposed as a factory, first for manufacturing shoes and later for embroidery.

The old timber building finally succumbed to fire on January 6, 1960. Its last occupant was the Staple Coat Retail Outlet.

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