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Beauty Books

¬† Beauty¬†by Lauren Conrad Coffee table books are so beautiful… but so heavy!! I have to admit, sometimes I second guess myself before I checkout and take one home. However this book by Lauren Conrad, really surprised me. Not only… Continue Reading…

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What’s In My Bag?

Do you miss being so bored that you flip through a magazine? Magazines used to be a big deal! Getting the newest issue of Cosmopolitan in your mailbox was exciting. Since the Internet has become widely available, and people have… Continue Reading…


Quick Biographical Reads

Within the past two weeks I’ve read two books I’ve had on my Goodreads list for a while. These biographies were quick, mindless, and page turning reads. Non-fiction reading can be light! So if you are afraid to venture into… Continue Reading…


What’s On My Shelf?

I’m the type of person that likes to throw things away. Old? Throw it out. Damaged? Chuck it. Haven’t use it in three years? Goodbye! Don’t get me wrong, sometimes throwing something away can be a bad idea, especially when… Continue Reading…


Tiger King: A Quarantine Phenomenon

If you’ve had some extra time on your hands lately, and use social media, you probably have heard about Tiger King. According to Netflix, Tiger King is a documentary about “an exploration of big cat breeding and its bizarre underworld,… Continue Reading…

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Hi, Monika here!

Hello everyone. My name is Monika, and I’m a life-long Lindenhurst resident. I work as a librarian, and you will typically find me at the Adult Reference Desk. If you have ever had an eBook question or needed help setting… Continue Reading…


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