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The Old Train Depot on the Move!

Over the years, the old Lindenhurst depot station house, seen above in Winter of 1968, became run-down and neglected. When it was decided to raise the tracks, the depot was doomed and slated for demolition, along with the other station… Continue Reading…

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A New Depot for a New Century

The new bay window on the front of the station house. Next time: “The Later Years”. Also, don’t forget to register for our monthly Zoom presentation “Zooming Through Lindy History” on the Library Website https://lindenhurst.librarycalendar.com/. The next installment is “Houses… Continue Reading…

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Theodore Roosevelt: The President from Long Island

One of the most famous presidents in the history of our country, Theodore Roosevelt stands as a giant and not just as a face on Mt. Rushmore. The 26th president of the United States held the reins of power during… Continue Reading…

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Virtual Museums

With Museums being shut down due to the COVID outbreak, many are supplying online exhibits, virtual walking tours, and digital interaction with their collections. Below is a list of some of the options out there which will be updated as… Continue Reading…

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The Big Apple

For me, living near New York City has always been a great way to experience the culture and attractions of the Big Apple! A perfect trip for Spring, when we no longer have to quarantine … would be to visit… Continue Reading…


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