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Book Review: All My Mother’s Lovers

All My Mother’s Lovers Written By: Ilana Masad Released: 2020 Available as: Book, eBook, Audiobook Feature Image found on Penguin Random House BookBrowse Review Review: Ilana Masad has created a beautiful story that uses grief to access the reader and… Continue Reading…


Parenting Picks

crop parent holding smiling baby in arms against gray wall in room

I recently welcomed my first child in the world! The cliche is true, nothing can prepare you for parenthood. For the moms out there, you know that every pregnancy is unique so any advice you are given take with a… Continue Reading…

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Feeding Backyard Birds

red cardinal bird on tree branch

Winter bird feeding can be a very enjoyable activity. Severe winters are tough on birds when it comes to finding food, water and shelter, and they need your help. Having a backyard bird feeder will attract birds when their natural… Continue Reading…

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Alice Waters and her Delicious Revolution

Alice Waters had a dream. Opening a restaurant that feeds her friends fresh, wholesome foods while enjoying each other’s company; like the beloved cafes she would frequent when visiting France. Her passion for organic ingredients started at her restaurant, where… Continue Reading…

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We Should Talk About: Octavia Butler

Octavia Butler is a phenomenal writer who has an eerie knack of portraying experiences before they occur and transforming moments from the past into a horrific present. Butler was raised by a single mother and found immense solace in her… Continue Reading…

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Book Review: The Pull of the Stars

The Pull of the Stars Written By: Emma Donoghue Released: 2020 Available as: Book, eBook, Audiobook Feature Image found on Evening Standard BookBrowse Review Review: You need to be prepared to read this book.   Set in 1918 war-torn Dublin during… Continue Reading…


Best Books of 2020: List Round Up

adult blur books close up

Overwhelmed by all of the books published this year? Click on any of the buttons below to find comprehensive lists of the best of the best from 2020! When you find a book you cannot wait to read, find it… Continue Reading…

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Book Review: Mostly Dead Things

Mostly Dead Things Written By: Kristen Arnett Released: 2019 Avaliable as: Book, eBook, Audiobook Feature Image found on Portland Mercury BookBrowse Review and Readalikes Review: Floridian author Kristen Arnett’s debut novel, Mostly Dead Things honors the eccentricity of her home state but… Continue Reading…

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We Should Talk About: Emily Dickinson

Emily Dickinson is considered one of the greatest American poets. Born in Amherst in 1830, Emily was educated at the Amherst Academy and found fascination with a variety of subject such as science and botanical studies. As a writer she… Continue Reading…

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Patterson Book Club: Virtual Meeting

Join Reference Librarian Noel for the second meeting of the Patterson Book Club! Our sessions are on the third Thursday of the month on zoom. The next meeting will be on November 19th at 7pm. You can find the link to… Continue Reading…


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