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People of Lindenhurst

Photo Captions

Independence Day parade, Wellwood Ave., ca. 1965 / Taxi stand, 1930 / Cadets of America and Brownies marching in 1959 Memorial Day parade with Fire chief in Oldsmobile car / Bower School Kindergarten class, 1953-54 / & 1st Grade, 1955 / Village Police officer, 1940’s / Frederick Minneker at his wheelwright shop, northwest corner of School St. & Hoffmann Ave, 1910 / Employees of the harness and upholstery shop of Martin J. Boeckh on Wellwood Ave., ca. 1910 / Charles Heling (right) with passengers of his livery stable stage wagon, ca. 1910 / Hearse of the Heling undertaking establishment on Hoffmann Ave, 1915 / Pfingsten (German Pentecost) celebrants disembark at the train depot, ca. 1910 / Funeral procession for Charles Warta Jr., coach driven by Charles Heling, 1914 / Employees of Ewald J.H. Mielke’s lumber company on West Hoffmann Ave., 1910 / 1901 train depot station house ticket window, ca. 1905 / Pfingst Monday celebrants gather at train depot, ca. 1915 /   Employees of Ernest Kaune’s blacksmith shop, corner of School St. & Hoffman Ave., 1910 / First patrons of the new Library, July 1, 1953 / Library employee at temporary storage facility behind building, April, 1968 / Otto F. Eichhammer’s brewery on East John Street, 1915 / Andrew J. Feller in front of his Neguntatogue Inn on Wellwood Ave., 1910 / Charles Thiele with family & employees of his Hoffmann House on East Hoffmann Ave., ca. 1905 / Patrons of Andrew Feller’s Hotel on East Hoffmann Ave., ca. 1895 / Feller’s Hotel family and patrons, ca. 1900 / Entrance of the old Library building, mid 1960’s / Aftemath of fire that destroyed Gleste’s Hotel, southwest corner of Wellwood & Hoffmann Avenues, June, 1912 / Outdoor music program at the old Library, mid 1960’s /  Charles Wild in his barbershop at East Hoffmann & South High Street in 1902 / Barbershop of Marcus J. Zeilner (on right) at northeast corner of School Street & West Hoffman Ave. in 1890 /  George W. Irmisch’s store & post office on West Hoffmann Avenue, ca. 1900 /  Butcher Valentine Goebel (left) with Ed Gleste, ca. 1910 /  Goebel with his meat market wagon, ca. 1910 / Torns, Jr. drives the Central Meat Market wagon, ca. 1910 / August Schmalkuche, 2nd from right, with employees of his Schmalkuche Bakery and Grocery, West Hoffmann Ave., 1892 /  Closing up the old Library for the last time, May, 1969 / Grocer William Wolter with his 6 children, 1910 / Tinsmith and plumber Henry Ramsauer at his Wellwood Avenue shop in 1890 /  Flora Gnilka Gleste, 2nd from left, breaks ground for her husband Edward’s National Theater on Wellwood Avenue, in 1913 /  Library trustees breaking ground for the new Library, 1968 /  Fire department racing team, ca. 1910. 

Lindenhurst Library Through the Years

Photo Captions

Dedication of future Library site, 1947 / Mid 1990’s Library lobby renovation / Early 1990’s Children’s Room Renovation & re-opening ceremony / New Library Reference room, 1969 / Windows on Wellwood celebration parade, 1999 / Children’s fund raising campaign for Windows on Wellwood, 1998 / Reference room scene, early-1990’s / Library time capsule burial, 1969 / Outdoor Library concert, mid-1960’s / Temporary storage trailers behind old Library, mid-1960’s / Installation of new Library sign, 1969 / Old Library Reference room, ca. 1960 / Presentation of new Library design, 1945 / Dedication of new Library site, 1947 / Big Bird in the Children’s Room, 1970’s


Photo Captions

Hoffmann Avenue West across train tracks, Nehring’s Hotel at right, new School Street School in left background, from roof of Gleste’s Hotel, 1910 / Train tracks west across Wellwood Avenue, 1966 /  Train depot facing East, early 20th Century / Depot facing southeast, across Wellwood Ave., early 20th Century / Wellwood Avenue north from Our Lady of Perpetual Help R.C. Church, early 20th Century / Westbound train loading with passengers, early 20th Century / Eastbound train from Wellwood Avenue crossing gates, mid-20th Century /   Late 1960’s scene at depot, looking northwest across Wellwood Avenue crossing / Eastbound train at depot, ca. 1915 /   Original 1870 train depot station house, burned in 1901 / Rebuilt station house which served until 1968 / Depot freight house and baggage cart / Babylon Railroad, an electrified trolley route that operated between Babylon and Amityville from 1910 to 1920 / Trolley storage car barn at Belmont Junction near Great East Neck Road / Eastbound South Shore Railroad steam locomotive stopped at the train depot with Nehring’s Hotel in background, ca. 1875 / Proposal for unrealized Breslau and Fire Island Railroad / Depot station house showing warning sign at Wellwood Avenue crossing / Train depot freight house, later connected to station house / Depot looking southeast with Gleste’s Hotel in background, ca. 1905 / Wider view shows Wellwood Avenue crossing & partially obscured bank building / Depot looking east from Wellwood Avenue crossing, ca. 1905 / Close-up of freight house to the east of the station house / Steam locomotive sits on Westbound track at depot, ca. 1910 / Depot showing eastbound track directly in front / Wide view of train sitting on westbound track in front of depot / Station house showing gas light fixtures, ca. 1905 / Mid-1920’s view looking north from Wellwood Avenue crossing, showing new manually operated crossing gates, traffic signal and World War One monument, with former Nehring’s Hotel on corner / 1968 views of depot in it’s final days / In 1926, the depot station house and freight house were joined together and moved slightly to the east, depicted in this view looking west / Wellwood Avenue crossing looking west, ca. 1967.

Maps and Media

Photo Captions

10 dollar bank notes issues by First National Bank of Lindenhurst, ca. 1907 / 1870 Breslau advertisement / 2 maps of Lindenhurst, from 1888 and 1915, show the exponential growth of the community / Ca. 1871 map shows proposed Breslau & Fire Island Avenue Railroad, divided lots being sold by Thomas Welwood & original name of Wellwood Avenue north of the village (Nequntatogue Road).  Note Welwood’s name spelled correctly on the Avenue here, although it is actually named Wellwood!, / 1873 map showing Breslau station and unrealized proposed Central Railroad extension / 1873 South Side Railroad advertisement from the New York Daily Graphic / 1915 advertisement for opening of the National Theater on Wellwood Avenue / 1947 Newsday article about destruction of the theater by fire / 1870 South Side Signal advertisement announcing opening of the brand new Nehring’s Hotel on the northwest corner of Wellwood and Hoffman Avenues.

Places throughout Lindenhurst