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Ancestry at Home Extended!

Access to the Ancestry database at home has been extended through the end of December 2020. Find Ancestry on our list of databases here to get started. Need more information on Ancestry and how to use it? Check out these… Continue Reading…

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My Genealogical Research

Hello again everyone! I have covered a few topics on genealogical research and I wanted to share some of the results that I was able to compile over several months of my own research. I was fortunate enough to take… Continue Reading…

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Genealogy on YouTube

Hello again to all the budding genealogists out there. This week I thought I would introduce you to some resources and entertainment about genealogy that you can access on YouTube. YouTube is a great website for a variety of things… Continue Reading…

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Fundamentals of Genealogy

Hello everyone! Welcome to my first official post on the topic of genealogy. I thought we could begin exploring this topic by examining some fundamentals of genealogical research. Many think genealogy and family history are interchangeable terms and for the… Continue Reading…

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Robert's Introduction

Greetings, patrons! My name is Robert, one of your local adult reference librarians. I will be posting regularly to provide useful and/or interesting information related to genealogy and history. We have available resources located on the Library’s website to help… Continue Reading…


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