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We Should Talk About: Octavia Butler

Octavia Butler is a phenomenal writer who has an eerie knack of portraying experiences before they occur and transforming moments from the past into a horrific present. Butler was raised by a single mother and found immense solace in her… Continue Reading…

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We Should Talk About: Elizabeth Bishop

Hello! I wanted to highlight one of my favorite poets, Elizabeth Bishop. Her poetry has been regarded as some of the strongest in the English language, and she is known for her command over words. Bishop won the Pulitzer Prize… Continue Reading…

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We Should Talk About: Shirley Jackson

Hello! The next author I wanted to talk about is Shirley Jackson, an acclaimed novelist who created mystery and thrill around her real life as well as her fictional worlds. Shirley Jackson was another difficult woman, who lived in a… Continue Reading…

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We Should Talk About: Patricia Highsmith

Hello! I wanted to start highlighting different authors who are complicated, but have impacted the literary canon in a meaningful way. The first author I wanted to discuss is Patricia Highsmith. Patricia Highsmith was a very difficult woman, with a… Continue Reading…


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