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The Old Train Depot on the Move!

Over the years, the old Lindenhurst depot station house, seen above in Winter of 1968, became run-down and neglected. When it was decided to raise the tracks, the depot was doomed and slated for demolition, along with the other station… Continue Reading…

History, Local History

The Later years of the Old Train Depot

A postcard from a few years later shows the hand operated crossing gates on Wellwood Avenue facing East. Next time: The Old Depot Station House goes on the move to a new home. Our ongoing online series “Zooming Through Lindy… Continue Reading…

History, Local History

A New Depot for a New Century

The new bay window on the front of the station house. Next time: “The Later Years”. Also, don’t forget to register for our monthly Zoom presentation “Zooming Through Lindy History” on the Library Website https://lindenhurst.librarycalendar.com/. The next installment is “Houses… Continue Reading…

History, Local History

The First Train Depots in Lindenhurst (1867-1901)

After being replaced by a new school building in 1876, the old depot continued on in several uses including as a private residence where, considerably altered, it still stands to this day. Next time: A new depot for a new… Continue Reading…


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