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The New Normal at the Movies

In response to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, movie studios have shiftedtheir film release dates. While many smaller films that had on-demand debutshave proceeded with the digital parts of those releases, many films are eithermoving to 2021 or being delayed indefinitely. You might have missed some greatfilms that went straight to DVD or had a more… Continue Reading…

Alice Waters and her Delicious Revolution

Alice Waters had a dream. Opening a restaurant that feeds her friends fresh, wholesome foods while enjoying each other’s company; like the beloved cafes she would frequent when visiting France. Her passion for organic ingredients started at her restaurant, where she discovered that organic ingredients were the essential element necessary to creating delicious food. She… Continue Reading…

Get Crafty: Finger Knitting

The library has several ways to learn different skills, opening the door to a world of crafting! Want to learn to knit but not sure where to begin? Finger knitting is a wonderful method that comes together quickly and only requires you, your hands, and some yarn! Creativebug is an online database full of crafting… Continue Reading…

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