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What’s In My Bag?

Do you miss being so bored that you flip through a magazine? Magazines used to be a big deal! Getting the newest issue of Cosmopolitan in your mailbox was exciting. Since the Internet has become widely available, and people have cut costs on spending, the purchases of magazines have gone down. People prefer to read them digitally or not at all. Would you spend $5.00 on one issue, just to read one article? I would not.

One day I was exploring Flipster, the library’s digital service for magazines. I opened up US Weekly because it had a salacious headline and lots of celebrity pictures. Thirty pages in, there was an article called “What’s in My Bag?” and I fell in love.

Many of these celebrities have the strangest things in their handbags. Their favorite rock, various medicines, food items, action figures, you name it! This got me thinking … is what I have in my bag “normal”? Right now I am working from home, so there are MUCH less things inside my purse. Let me take you on my own tour!

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