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Old School Binge Boxes

In my previous blog post, I wrote about the VUDU Spark Stick that our library lends out. If playing with new technology isn’t your thing, we also offer another way to conveniently watch several movies by only checking out one item.

We call them Binge Boxes! Binge Boxes are perfect for movie nights, long weekends, days you are stuck inside, or when you just want to watch movies all day! Our librarians have curated boxed sets of different genres for adults and children. One of our most popular binge box is the “Amityville Horror” box. Did you know they made several movies after the first one? There is no need to track down the different titles and to place them on reserve one by one. You can simply borrow this binge box to see them all. The Children’s Department has several binge boxes for the little ones as well. The Disney Princess Binge Box is one of my favorites.

To browse which binge boxes we offer click here!


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