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Make Your Own Sea Glass Key Chain!

In a few weeks our library will have a program called, “Sea Glass Key Chain”! From September 1st to September 10th register for this program to receive a craft kit and simple knotting instructions to make a beautiful key chain. Materials provided by the library and are available at the reference desk. Kits are limited to Lindenhurst Memorial Library cardholders, and registration begins September 1.  Do you want to follow along from home? See below for instructions!!

Macrame Sea Glass Keychain


  • sea glass piece
  • Nylon cord
  • Key ring or Trigger Snap Swivel Hook
  • tape (optional)


  • 1. Cut 4 pieces of cording, each 12 inches in length.
  • 2. Choose the type of keychain you would like, either key ring or trigger snap swivel hook.
  • 3. Join all 4 piece together and eye through the bottom of the key ring or trigger snap so that the key ring/snap is in the middle of the cord. Knot the cords together tightly to secure the key ring/snap.
  • 4. This will leave you with 8 pieces of cord.
  • 5. Separate the 8 strands from the knot at the top of your workspace. Pair the strands into four sets of two. Tie a knot in each of the strand pairs from the knot at the top.
  • 6. Now, separate all 8 strands again. Make new pairs, this time one strand from each of the knotted pairs. Tie new knots, away from the other knots. This will mean the far left strand and the far right strand will end up being a knotted pair.
  • 7. Test your sea glass to see if it fits yet. If not, repeat the step above, or adjust the distance of your knots. Try using a little bit of tape on the sea glass as you make or adjust your knots to keep it from moving too much.
  • 8. Insert your sea glass into the macrame netting. Tightly tie a knot with all 8 strands at the bottom. Make sure the sea glass is fully secure.
  • 9. Leave the bottom of the cord for decoration by cutting them into a fringe, or braiding them.

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