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Audiobooks on Hoopla

Have you considered trying audiobooks? Audiobooks are great because they enable you to read without tying up your hands or eyes. You can listen to stories while driving, cleaning or walking! Interested in more of the conversation around audiobooks? Check out this Book Riot article for more!

We have several ways for patrons to access audiobooks remotely. The two main options are Libby and Hoopla. Libby has a great variety of books, but sometimes books are checked out and you need to place a hold and wait. Hoopla also offers a great variety of audiobooks that have no check out limits, so the wait time is much less! All you need is a credit to borrow. Need more information on how to use Hoopla? Check out this blog post or try this Niche Academy tutorial!

Wondering what kind of audiobooks are available on Hoopla? Check out some of the titles below or click here for a full list.

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